Yamaha Motor Get On Board With Ride To Work Day By Riding The Olympic Cycle Route

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Ride to Work Day 18th June is celebrated all over the UK, with events held at dealerships, biker-friendly cafes & pubs and ride-outs organised by owners' clubs and bike organisations such as BikeSafe and of course manufacturers.

Yamaha Motor UK have once again got behind the National initiative by getting staff who normally ride to work and habitual car drivers who also have a bike license, to coordinate their commute, all on bikes.

Congregating at the Brooklands, Surrey HQ, 12 riders using Yamaha motorcycles and scooters of all shapes and sizes, staff used part of the Olympic cycle route around the North Downs to get to Newlands Corner near Guildford for a hearty breakfast (at The Barn). Fully refuelled, the group then took the quick way back to work!

Simon Belton, Marketing Manager remarked: 'There are quite a few Yamaha staff who regularly ride to work, easing local congestion, getting to work and back reliably and generally having fun whilst doing it! It's great to see non-regular and new riders get the bug too, all resulting from this great initiative that we as an industry support. And with the Get On facility, everyone should consider having a go – no charge.'

For people that haven't taken the plunge, take a free ride with Get On at www.geton.co.uk – it could be the start of something great!

Want to know more on Ride To Work Day? ridetoworkday.co.uk/why-ride


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