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For nearly 30 years John Gibson Associates has assisted the automotive industry in finding the correct individuals for jobs, ensuring they have the right talents. Roles in the sector can’t be undertaken by just anyone, they require you to have the right skill set and attitude towards your work. We help companies by putting all prospective employees through a series of tests that look at their personalities and how they would perform in certain areas of the job.

Everyone seems to be getting more involved in the automotive industry these days and Amazon is no exception. The online retailer is pushing itself rather deeply into the car parts market and auto industry with a new website. This new site consists of images, reviews and specifications on thousands of both vintage and newer car models.

Customers are free to research cars on the new Amazon Vehicles site; they don’t have to buy. The site is designed to complement the other initiatives in the works by the retail giant. Amazon Automotive, a marketplace featuring a myriad of vehicle parts and accessories, and Amazon Garage, which allows shoppers to save vehicles in their profiles to make finding the right parts easier, are some of the initiatives.

With companies evolving and branching out into different areas, it is important that employees are knowledgeable about the latest updates to the services that they provide. The automotive sector is also evolving and with our assistance, we can look at everyone who is interested in joining a business and determine who has the right talents for the role.

At John Gibson Associates we vet and interview every candidate before we refer them onto a company, saving the client time and the frustration that comes with finding the right people. Should it turn out that the individual isn’t right for you in the end, our 6 month guarantee ensures that we will find someone else who will fulfil your requirements. Clients can rely on us to find the right staff to take on a variety of automotive jobs.