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Jaguar Land Rover is an esteemed company keeping alive two of the famous names in British automotive history. For several decades, they have been titans on the world stage of automobiles, creating easily recognisable cars which are renowned for their looks and performance. For many people, motor trade jobs with Jaguar Land Rover can open many doors in terms of a career, and working for a company that was ranked 16th in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2014 is certainly an attractive prospect. Thankfully, there are a number of avenues that you can take to assist you with securing a job with this company.

Jaguar Land Rover operates an apprenticeship scheme to bring young talent into the industry and to provide a practical course where they can refine and expand their skills. Their award-winning apprenticeship schemes will help you to secure the skills necessary to go far in the industry. They offer two distinct schemes: Advanced Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships. The advanced apprenticeships are open for those who have completed their GCSEs and is a three to four year programme. It’s split into four pathways: Automotive, Maintenance, Manufacturing Support and Tool Room/Model Factory. It combines a college course with practical learning at their own manufacturing plants or vehicle workshops, providing you with valuable learning and development for actual hands-on skills.

The Higher Apprenticeships are split into two sub-categories: Engineering and Finance/Accountancy. Both of these allow you to hone your skills while providing you with hands-on learning complimented by a college course. It will help you earn the relevant certifications and qualifications and will certainly assist you with securing a job. You can register your interest for their Apprenticeship scheme that will open later in the year.

There is also their extensive graduate programme, which covers a number of areas including Purchasing, Human Resources and Finance, as well as Design, Commercial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. Whatever you choose, you will be led through a comprehensive programme designed to develop your hands-on skills in these areas. You will be trained by experienced professionals, receiving extensive help and support. There is also an undergraduate programme which can help you to a secure placement with Jaguar Land Rover whilst you are working on your degree.

There are a huge range of motor trade jobs that apprentices and graduates can get involved in, many of which are advertised by us. There are many automotive companies looking for new blood, especially with increased funding helping companies in Britain to train future talent. If you are a graduate, an undergraduate or are looking to start an apprenticeship, then it is worth researching Jaguar Land Rover. With their help, you can contribute to the future of the automotive industry and enjoy working in rewarding motor trade jobs.