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Wales has an interesting automotive industry. It has fewer actual vehicles than any other part of the UK, and a big name producer has never been based there. Even with these facts, the sector employs some 16,000 people, primarily involved in the manufacturing of components.

Wales has been involved in component manufacturing for automobiles since 1944. The first company to open a parts plant in the country was Morris. They chose Llanelli to open a factory for manufacturing radiators. Other companies followed suit, and the industry grew to account for 11% of component jobs in the UK.

The automotive sector in Wales remains strong and, more importantly, stable because of the focus on component manufacturing. The biggest advantage the producers have is that they can sell parts to multiple companies in countries all around the world. This reduces the risk that they will go out of business if an individual company decide to move operations or suffers a drop in business themselves.

As well as components, Wales has also been involved in the design of vehicles, most famously the first Land Rover. It was created by Maurice Wilks at a farm on Anglesey. His aim was to design a better vehicle than his Jeep, creating something capable of driving on various terrains and serving the needs of farmers in the area. His ideas and sketches gained great support and he was given the chance to build 48 of them in 1948. Land Rover would go on to become a world renowned name.

The automotive sector in Wales is an exciting one and attracts talented engineers from all around the world looking to get involved in making components for vehicles. The Bridgend Ford engine making factory is one of the largest employers and produces an engine approximately every 24 seconds to be exported all around the world.

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