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At John Gibson Associates, we pride ourselves on being specialists in automotive recruitment and, as such, host hundreds of jobs, looking for elite candidates who can work for elite companies. Rolls-Royce is perhaps the company most synonymous with prestige and luxury. They have been creating vehicles since 1904 and, for over a century, have been highly sought after for their quality of craftsmanship. This prestigious company is always in need of skilled workers, and many within the automotive industry aspire to work with them.

There are a number of different career options that Rolls-Royce offers. As expected from a leader in the automobile industry, they have a variety of engineering careers open in categories such as design, development/experimental, electrical, test support, service, and various other sectors. Those skilled with computers should also consider a career in either project management or in administering and improving information systems. Manufacturing vacancies are also available. Rolls-Royce are also on the lookout for ex-military personnel who are looking to apply their wide range of skills to the automotive industry, making an attractive prospect for those leaving our armed forces.

It isn’t just about developing, creating or manufacturing; there are many other career options available with Rolls-Royce. For those more suited to working within a Head Office, they offer a plethora of rewarding jobs in departments such as human resources, finance and marketing and communications, as well as positions in the fields of purchasing and procuring parts, risk management, corporate security, sales and customer management, customer service and business development, to name just a few.

Graduates can take comfort in knowing that Rolls-Royce actively seeks out the best and brightest graduates to work for them. They offer various graduate development programmes, inviting graduates to work in a variety of departments from Human Resources and Supply Chain Management to Engineering and Project Management. Graduates can also find themselves working across the world for Rolls-Royce, from the US and Canada to Norway and Sweden, with many benefits available to them. A-level entry programmes are also offered to help train the next generation of highly-skilled automotive workers.

Rolls-Royce also offer internships and apprenticeships to potential workers. Interns can enjoy all the advantages of being trained by a world class company, as well as the added benefit of possibly moving onto their graduate recruitment program. Apprentices can develop and hone their skills in a number of programmes, including Higher Apprenticeships in Engineering and Non-Engineering, as well as an Accounting Technician programme and a variety of others.

If you’re looking to make a difference within the automotive industry and want to make a difference, then joining this prestigious company is a step that you should take. We can help you to find the finest automotive recruitment opportunities with Rolls-Royce as well as many other renowned automotive companies.