Will robots really take over the automotive industry?

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Over the last few weeks, we have noticed various reports that in 30 years we will live in a world where 50% of all jobs are done by robots rather than people. Many are worried that this will lead to mass unemployment, among many other worrying issues. However, our experience informs us that there is no reason to panic just yet.

While it is true that advancements in technology make a huge impact on the nature and types of jobs available, it rarely if ever reduces the number of workers required. If anything, a greater presence of technology in a workplace tends to increase the number of required employees.

Motor industry jobs in the present day are very rarely replaced by robots or any other form of technology. It is rather the case that the nature of the job is changed or enhanced by its presence. This is reflected in the increasing number of roles available in the automotive industry which require computer and technology skills. Robots used in the sector can be designed to build cars with a very high level of efficiency, but we must be careful never to lose sight of the fact that people will always be required to design, create, maintain, programme and develop those robots.

Many newly qualified people seeking a career in the automotive sector come to us for help as they know we are the leading name for motor trade jobs, and we’re confident that there is nothing for them to worry about. No matter how impressive or rapid advances in technology are in the present day, we are still very far away from a robot being able to think, calculate, react and plan in the same way humans can. While a greater level of automation and technology will be a feature of the future of the British car industry, it will not be at the expense of people working in the sector and the industry will continue to offer more great opportunities.