Will driverless cars cause disruption?

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Despite the worldwide interest in driverless cars, up to now they have not been significant enough to alter the nature of the automotive sector or our recruitment work. In recent times, however, we have noted reports stating that driverless cars could significantly disrupt the British motor industry, possibly having a detrimental impact on the sector’s current success. We felt it best to add a different perspective on the possible effects of driverless cars.

Above everything else, any discussions about the subject must be carried out on the basis that they relate to “if” driverless cars become the norm, rather than “when”. Despite the truly incredible advances and achievements in driverless car technology, the world remains far away from a day when they overtake the use of conventional vehicles. To this extent, we must exercise caution when accepting reports which state as fact what driverless cars would do to the industry.

Should the technology and safety of driverless cars reach the point where they become widespread, it’s difficult to see where exactly the disruption will occur. Whether a car needs a driver or not, it must still be designed, manufactured, tested, sold and serviced. The lack of a driver does not translate into a lack of a need for people to design, build and maintain the car.

We do not doubt that as and when we reach a stage where driverless cars become part of society, the changes to our lives will be significant. However, at this stage we would be cautious about referring to such changes as being disruptive or negative. From our perspective we have always looked forward to the latest innovations and changes in the automotive sector, and we will continue to update our knowledge and services to provide the finest services for motor industry jobs recruitment.