What's In A Name? William Most Likely To Drive A Ferrari While Kate Prefers A Maserati

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– Harry prefers the style of a Bentley, while Kim's car for dashing around in is a Lexus

– James most likely to drive a Alfa Romeo but Daniel prefers the reliability of a Volkswagen

Analysis by MoneySupermarket.com reveals that the type of car you drive is not just a matter of personal choice, but can also be influenced by your name. The UK's number one comparison site analysed 17 million car insurance searches through its site and has come up with cars people are most likely to drive based on their name.

While Stephen Fry famously drives around in a black taxi, and Jessica Ennis was handed the keys to a brand new Jaguar following her success in the Olympics, anyone called Stephen will most likely drive a Land Rover, while Jessica is most likely drive a Ferrari.

Prince William and Kate Middleton thrilled crowds around Buckingham Palace on their wedding day when they went for a spin in a blue Aston Martin belonging to Prince Charles. However, drivers called William are most likely to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari sports car while Kate prefers the elegance of a Maserati. Elizabeth's on the other hand are most likely to drive a Suzuki while drivers called Charles are most likely to drive a Mazda.

Celebrities including singing sensation Justin Bieber and One Direction's Harry Styles have a penchant for fast cars. Surprisingly the analysis shows men with the name Justin are most likely to drive Porsches. In reality, this isn't worlds apart from Justin Bieber's real choice of motor, which is a Fisker Karmer – a luxury hybrid car. Harry Styles on the other hand has recently been seen driving a white Ford Capri he bought on eBay. This is a far cry from the reality which shows Harry's are most likely to drive Bentleys.

Who loves each car brand?

The research also found that Damien's and Vincent's are the names most likely to drive a Porsche, whereas Jade's and Gary's have the highest affinity with Ford brands. Moving off-road, Bruce and Donald are more likely to own Jeeps, while Nigel and Roger will have an affinity towards Land Rovers. Those who topped the chart of souped-up Subaru drivers are called Shane, Dale and Carly, while those most likely to drive Skoda's have more sensible names such as Norman, Roland and Valerie. The research found the names highly associated with Jaguars are Bernard, Malcolm, Audrey and Janet, while someone called Jeremy is most likely to drive an Aston Martin – taking after Mr Clarkson himself!

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "So what's really in a name? When it comes to driving a car, your name does actually influence the type of car you are most likely to drive according to our analysis. While celebrities and sports personalities are being photographed getting out of the latest luxury vehicles, our analysis shows that some of their namesakes may also have a preference for nice cars, despite the having a very different lifestyle.
"While for most of us, driving the latest luxury brand is beyond our means, the type of car your drive does have an impact on the cost of motoring and the car insurance premium you will pay. The more expensive and powerful the car, the higher the premium. Whether you drive a Bentley or a Beetle, shopping around for car insurance rather than accept your renewal quote will make sure you are not paying more than you need to."

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