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It may seem like a silly question but the way Recruiters operate has been changing so I would value your feedback as it would be arrogant of us to just do what we have always done without our Clients and potential Clients being given a chance to tell us what they want.

At JGA it has always been our policy to do things in a way we know consistently works. We are uniquely locally based and we market, advertise and are active in the market therefore ensuring that we know who's available at any one time. We interview people face to face , check their backgrounds, check and present their CV's and ensure they are suitable for each job. To do this we have Motor Industry people (my current team are all 25 year plus motor industry experts some of whom have held dealership General Manager roles in the past).

By taking the time to understand your detailed requirements we can scrutinise Candidates and discuss the opportunity with them before submitting them to you. By following this process we have always ensured that the Candidate is suitable, capable is the best available and wants to meet with you.

Our view has always been if we present you with the best people who want to meet with you it then doesn't waste your time and gives you a pre selected choice of who you feel will work best with you.

Now recruitment agencies in the sector have increased their traditional shotgun approach with the use of central offices & administrators who use the internet solely. It is now common for CV's to be submitted, without Candidates knowledge, of the Client, the job or even the recruitment agency (as CV's are just cut and pasted from job boards online). The number of CV's submitted are increased to ensure they present anybody and everybody and in effect the Client is left to filter the hopefuls base before its even been confirmed they are in the market.

Our approach saves time and attracts the best people because they wish to be confidential until they are happy to be considered. However our way of operating does take by a day or so, longer to achieve because to discuss opportunities with Candidates before submitting takes time. The ‘agencies’ source CV's from the internet to cut and paste within a couple of minutes with the latest scrapping technology so as it is all about who gets the most CV's in first occasionally they will, by pure weight of numbers, get a lucky strike.
Importantly these will exclude the good people who stay confidential and off job boards.

Cost of course comes into this, the volume people do tend to be a little cheaper than us so value for money also comes into play.

Therefore my question is as a Client what would you prefer as a service: Volume and speed or more defined, qualified Candidates a day or so later.

Please let me know your thoughts by contacting me at [email protected]