What is the most challenging motor industry job?

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The motor industry is full of wonderful jobs, offering people the chance to build a career in their chosen discipline. From engineering to sales and even administration there are many different routes to pursue. Each category can be broken down further into specific types of role. For example there are literally dozens of different types of engineers. As a result people can choose to focus on the area that best matches their interests.

One of the most challenging jobs in the motor industry is designing vehicles. There are countless things to consider including safety, technology, consumer requirements, and even the unique touches associated with different manufacturers. All of these need to be taken into account and factored into designs.

Every manufacturer will encounter design challenges at one stage or another, even the largest providers. In fact they may be the people exposed to them most often because the models they offer can gain a great popularity. When a model is loved creating an updated version is immensely difficult.

Fiat has had big problems with the above issue in regards to the 500. The 2007 model celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original vehicle which earned such a wonderful following. The updated version took its audience by storm. The sheer number of orders resulted in a backlog in production. By 2012 1 million of them had been produced. Three years later the number had climbed by another 500,000. To date the design has won over 40 awards.

As challenging as creating the 2007 model was the task of designing a newer version has proven even trickier. How exactly do you redesign a vehicle that has proven to be so popular and won so many accolades? Fiat has addressed this problem by doing very little. They are working hard to retain the iconic status of the vehicle. Surprisingly the current 2016 model is around 60% different to the 2007 one. This has been accomplished by careful evolution and considered styling.

Design is certainly one of the most challenging motor industry jobs but it also lets people exercise their passion. As a result it can provide a wonderful career path.

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