We’ll soon see more flashing lights on the roads

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Attaching the engine, gearbox, wheels and those blue flashing lights is what Vauxhall is doing best at its new Luton Factory. Having been created specifically for the purpose of transforming new vehicles into police cars, the Bedfordshire establishment now stands as Europe’s biggest emergency service motor factory. At present, roughly 2,500 siren-equipped models fly off the assembly line every year.

This new production line shall see vans and cars being modified for use by ambulance, fire and police services nationwide. According to Vauxhall, 50 new motor trade jobs in Luton have come as a result of these efforts. The improved operations should also generate a slight boom for providers of blue light content. These are the materials used to alter the cars into police models, all of which are sourced locally in the UK.

Passenger vehicles that are set to pass through the factory include the Astra, Mokka, Corsa and Insignia. Commercial vehicle conversions will also happen at the Luton site, changing Movanos, Vivaros and Combos into vehicles that will keep our roads safe. Every vehicle will come with a Toughbook tablet and inbuilt 4G Wi-Fi so that everyone can stay connected and up to date in terms of technology.

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