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There is at the moment an undeniable “feel good” factor to the British motor industry right now. The facts and figures all show that we are experiencing a remarkable success in sales and growth that many thought would never return. Domestically, sales of new cars so far this year have exceeded one and a half million, with over 70,000 new vehicles being registered in August alone. This is complemented by the growth in exports, with over five million British built cars being exported in the last four years. With these figures in mind, it will be little surprise to lean that automotive jobs account for over 900,000 people being employed in the UK.

The greatest achievement that Britain’s automotive industry can make is to ensure this growth and success is sustained. Of vital importance in ensuring the success levels are sustained comes by ensuring that successful automotive recruitment practices are in place. We are dedicated to making certain that this happens. Since the formation of our company in 1987, ours is the name which has become synonymous with professional recruitment for automotive jobs. Our approach has been successfully used by some of the leading names in the industry, with our skills extending across every aspect of the industry.

Companies in the automotive industry know the importance of making sure they appoint the correct people for automotive jobs. Whether a vacancy is in a construction or manufacturing capacity, or relates to sales and customer service, the right appointment can ensure success is sustained, whereas a bad appointment leads to a loss of productivity and possible harm to name and reputation. With John Gibson Associates you are assured that every possible measure is taken to ensure the best employment decisions are made, safeguarding your existing business and building towards growth in the future.

In evaluating candidates for automotive jobs, we seek to understand the personality and outlook of the person as much as we confirm and verify their skills and qualifications. This establishes not only if the potential employee has the ability to deliver the job requirements, but also indicates whether or not they will be suited to the working environment. A staff member complementing the existing structure and approach of a business is just as important as them being capable of performing their job functionality. Finding the perfect level of both in a candidate is a skill John Gibson Associates excel in, which is why we are the leading choice for automotive recruitment across the industry.