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It has been reported by respected news sources such as the Financial Times that UK car sales have experienced a month-to-month increase for the 29th consecutive time. This news has been warmly welcomed by the automotive industry. However, it is tempered by the knowledge that such levels of growth are simply not sustainable, and at some point our economy is going to experience a drop in car sales figures. The best way to counter this and to be prepared for it is to ensure that you have the very best sales and service staff appointed for your business. We can be your strongest ally in making sure your automotive recruitment process ensures you have the best staff in place for tougher times.

We take a holistic, client-centric approach to assisting prestigious companies with the motor industry jobs they have available. Companies want and expect only the best staff in place, and we represent only the best potential candidates in the industry. We do not, however, limit our services to representing the most talented and the best qualified of workers and professionals in the automotive recruitment sector. Our approach, refined over the many years we have successfully operated, sees us also carry out personality profiling and disposition testing. This allows us to understand all aspects and attributes of employees, an important factor which means we find candidates that are a perfect fit for your business.

In undertaking these tests, candidates show that they are committed to finding employment in the automotive industry, and are not looking for temporary or brief positions. By the same margin, these tests give a far clearer image of a potential employee which cannot be grasped via either reviewing a CV or even by holding an interview for the position. We know you are very serious about ensuring your business is a success, and we show our respect for that approach by ensuring only serious candidates are presented to you to fill a vacancy.

We specialise in every element of the industry in order to provide you with the very best in automotive recruitment. Whether you have vacancies in sales or after sales service, manufacturing and construction or design and development, our team is driven to ensure the best and most appropriate candidates are available to you. We will assist and guide as far as possible, making suggestions and recommendations, but of course respecting entirely that ultimately you must make the decision.

Our track record for success is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that several prominent automotive companies now advertise positions exclusively through John Gibson Associates. We are dedicated to representing the best of candidates seeking motor industry jobs, and take great pride in helping companies achieve even greater results though employing the right people.