Warranty Administration Can Deliver Client Service Excellence

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A key way in which car dealerships ensure their businesses grow and experience sustained success is by presenting superior client service levels. The high levels of demand for new cars we presently have certainly stimulate the market, but capturing the sales from this set of circumstances requires you to be the best option available for consumers. In this respect, one should not overlook the value which a warranty administrator brings to a business.

The traditional view of warranty administration would be to focus on the latter part of the name. In days gone by it was a formal, clear cut administrative function, with work being either approved or declined in a very black and white way on the basis of the sale agreement. Today sees far more focus on the warranty aspect of the job title. The terms and conditions of warranties on new cars, and the details of what exactly gets covered by it, have been identified as a potentially powerful selling tool. Consumers are using warranties as a deciding factor in regards of where they purchase a car, in terms of both what is covered and how fairly the dealership applies it.

With the above in mind, it is quite easy to see how the role of warranty administrator is one which is crucial to the promotion of your brand and your business. In terms of motor industry jobs, this position requires someone with considerable talent, as they would need to balance realistic business offerings against customer expectations, and yet achieve it in a way which sees customers left completely satisfied with what they experience. The ideal candidate for the role needs to have outstanding administrative skills which are complemented by an ability to successfully handle customer management duties.

Despite there being no formal degree or qualification for working in warranty administration, it is clearly the case that not everyone has the ability to deliver in the role. Our in-depth and comprehensive recruitment services are focused on knowing the ideal qualities a candidate must have in order to succeed in a role. If your dealership is presently seeking someone to bring excellence in performance to the role of a warranty administrator, we are the people to ensure you find them.