Volvo is launching an automotive recruitment drive for new vehicle technicians

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Volvo is the latest car maker to reveal some of its plans for the UK. They are planning to launch a new wave of automotive recruitment, adding an additional 300 technicians to their network in the next three years. By 2020 they hope to have a total of 900, including countless apprentices who will become the future of the company.

The Volvo UK Network is currently 119 strong. In 2015 they decided that each of these should have at least one apprentice technician. This year they determined that growth is not meeting the levels they hoped for. As a result they plan to have at least two apprentice technicians at each dealership going forward, resulting in the new job openings.

The push to expand their automotive recruitment in 2015 and again in 2017 is driven by the introduction of new models of their vehicles, new technologies, and a rise in the volume of vehicles they are selling. All three have increased demand for talented technicians. The technologies have had a particular impact as they require these members of staff to have a wider skill-set.

On top of this Volvo UK is planning to expand the training that technicians receive. In Sweden they already ensure that each technician is experienced with front-of-house and dealing with customers. They are planning to introduce this into the UK, ensuring their employees get experience of dealing with customers. The biggest benefits of this are it improves their communication skills and shows them they are an integral part of the business.

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