Vehicle sales reach record 21st century highs

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The phenomenon of online shopping has undoubtedly had a dramatic effect on sales for all different kinds of markets, and figures for the last quarter show that the automotive industry is no different. Sales of new vans have recently hit a record high, with the substantial increase being driven by the surge in online purchases and home deliveries.

The commercial vehicle sector took a hard hit from the recession with annual registrations falling 43% between 2007 and 2009. The first three years of 2015 however show that there were 97, 775 vans registered which reflects a 22.3% increase from the previous year. When lorries were added to the total a record 108, 456 commercial vehicles were registered in the quarter which shows a 24% increase.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders have stated that the surge is a result of newly restored consumer confidence in the UK. Households are now spending more on goods and services and the businesses that sell those goods are now purchasing the vehicles to meet the growing delivery demands. As business confidence escalates, the demand for the latest business truck and vans has returned to pre-recession levels with the UK outpacing the rest of Europe. Home delivery makes life easier for people, and as its popularity continues to rise, the need for quality delivery vehicles rises with it, resulting in more available motor industry jobs.

In 2014, online shopping exceeded £1 billion for the first time as a result of more and more consumers making purchases on tablets and smartphones. According to consultants CapGemini, the internet is responsible for almost a quarter of all retail sales. The UK is the third biggest market for trucks and vans, with growth outstripping two of Europe’s biggest markets. Registrations in Germany rose only 3-4% whilst in France they fell by 8.1%.

Commercial vehicle sales are great news for the UK automotive sector. The introduction of the new “15” number plates led to the sales of new cars reaching a record high in March which continued a run of 37 months of growth. The continual success and expansion of the automotive sector presents a world of opportunity for those that wish to pursue a successful career within its many areas, and we are here to help you find the right positions.

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