VED changes stimulate 2017 car sales

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One of the biggest changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) calculations and tax rules will come into effect in the UK as of April 1 2017. In broad terms, the changes are designed to encourage the adoption of zero emission vehicles by British motorists, with previously exempt low emission cars now being subject to tax. Whilst in the long term this change in the system will clearly have a beneficial impact on the environment, in the short term motorists may find they need to review their choice of vehicle.

The most immediate impact of the above has been a distinct increase in the number of people looking to purchase a car prior to the new VED rules being applicable. Many are seeking to either register a car prior to the new tax charges being applicable, or are otherwise seeking one which meets the emissions criteria. In both instances the overall number of vehicles sold – whether new or within the used market – is widely anticipated to once again be challenging records.

Whilst the increased interest in cars serves to stimulate the market, it has been vital that car dealerships have been prepared to take the greatest advantage of the situation. The pressure on dealerships has been to, in a comparatively short space of time, be ready to meet demand for different than anticipated vehicles, and further to ensure purchase agreements are in place prior to the April 1 deadline.

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