The value of retaining and recruiting older staff

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A new report, Age in the Workplace, was released by equality promoters Business in the Community last week. The conclusion from the document is that businesses in the UK should be working hard to retain elder professionals. The benefits of doing this are extensive, including retaining skill sets, maintaining a much stronger culture in the workplace, and even offering savings.

The UK has an aging population, with the median age reaching its highest point ever in 2014. This followed several years of rises, with the median hitting 40.0. The number of people in upper age groups has increased steadily over the last decade. This has seen the number of people aged over 100 rise by 72% and over half a million people in the 90+ bracket.

The Business in the Community report claims that businesses will be more successful if their workforce reflects customer demographics. This is a long held philosophy and has proven accurate on many occasions. With an aging population in the UK is should be no surprise to see this reflected in companies retaining older members of staff and even recruiting them to take advantage of the skills they possess.

The automotive sector is one that can take heed from the report by retaining and recruiting elder professionals to ensure their skills are saved. This would work really well alongside the apprenticeships that so many companies offer. It would give new personnel the chance to learn from highly experienced people.

By retaining staff effectively companies can see keep hold of their skills and reduce shortages. It can also provide a big benefit when it comes to automotive recruitment. Companies will be able to ask their staff exactly what they would look for in an applicant, helping to form the brief and ensure they are pursuing the right candidates.

At John Gibson Associates we appreciate the benefits that retaining and recruiting elder staff members can offer to companies. As an automotive recruitment specialist we are committed to helping all clients identify their needs and ensure they have the right people in place.