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Recruiting the best staff for motor trade jobs is very challenging, and the hiring process needs to be carried out carefully. Before you get started you should ensure you have a clear objective in mind, whether it is expansion, investing in the future or replacing a member of staff who is leaving. When you fully understand your aim you can set about devising a recruitment plan.

If you struggle with coming up with a plan for recruiting staff you can look at it the same way you would think about marketing a product. The same principles apply to both plans and you can break it down into clear, easy to manage parts. Here is a brief guide of the eight most important things to include in your recruitment strategy.

Define your business

Every recruitment plan should give information to job seekers about the company they will be working for. This is important because you want to hire someone who will both understand and buy into your beliefs. Remember to get down details of your products and services as well as what makes your business unique.

Consider the audience

A target audience is as important in recruiting as it is in marketing. You want to reach out and appeal to the right people in both instances, because they are the most likely to meet your needs. You need to think carefully about the characteristics, skills and experience you want in an employee. With this information you can decide where you will find them. This is where your adverts should appear.

Recruitment objectives

At the end of the day you want to hire the best person for the job, but you’ll need goals on the way to achieving this. You should have targets for how many applicants you will receive, how long it will take to review applicants and the number of interviews you want to conduct. As well as these factors, you must take time into account.

Identify the competition

There is always competition for the best candidates, no matter what industry you are in. When it comes to high value sectors like technology and the motor industry, demand can be particularly high. You’ll need to identify competitors and ensure you can make your company look more attractive than them if you want to appeal to job seekers.

Determine the rewards

It is always important to keep finances in mind when you hire new staff. You’ll need to do some research so you can ensure you offer competitive salaries. Alongside this think about the other benefits you can offer prospective employees. There are many of these that won’t cost you a lot but that will make your company more attractive to work for, such as flexible hours, working from home and parking spaces.

Select channels

There are a number of different ways you can reach out to job seekers including job boards, print advertisements and social media. It is a good idea to look at how you have recruited in the past and examine how effective this was so you can make any changes.

Decide who will be involved

You’ll need to determine who will be involved in the recruiting process if you want it to be as efficient as possible. Who will be looking over applications and conducting interviews? Who will make the ultimate decision? You don’t need to involve everybody in the process but you do need to think about key stakeholders in the decision and get their opinion.

If you need any help with recruitment for motor trade jobs you can always call on a company with experience in the matter. We has been actively helping clients in the automotive industry to recruit the right staff for many years. We can help you to create a plan, advertise all types of motor trade jobs, and review applicants on your behalf.