Up, Up and Away?

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It’s fair to say it is a very difficult market, in fact the toughest we've know in the 30+ years of working in the motor industry. We had a recession which is officially over but the last few months has seen another 'dip' in business and particularity in the retail market levels of business have dropped noticeably. This of course has a knock on effect in the motor trade jobs market, more redundancies, less staff being recruited, etc. etc.etc.

But is it all bad news? Well there are some good signs out there if you look.
The SMMT have confirmed that new car registrations rose in August for the first time in over a year (up 7.3%). Admittedly that's against the usual low August figure so the rise was only to 59,346 units (55,305 last Aug) but it’s a rise where for a long time we have only seen a drop.

LCV's & HGV's are up again by 22.8% in August (22% YTD), Big Bus sales up by 115% and Coaches up by 25%. Used 4X4 prices have taken a leap in advance of winter and small economical used cars are rising in value a little faster than other used sectors which are also up.

The markets were all the first ones to be hit badly in the recession, these are all recovering slowly as vehicles have to be changed and credit is coming back to the market. The new car market was bolstered up by the scrappage scheme last year but with that gone the market reduced and is only now showing signs of recovery.

The media is playing its part in keeping our spirits low and talking us into another recession, we've noticed that every time the FTSE 100 drops it’s all over the news but every time it recovers there is no mention. It is no doubt going to be a tough road to recovery but things are better than they were and in many of the JGA regions we had our 2nd best month in the last two years this August so things are not always as bad as they seem, WE are placing people and OUR clients are recruiting.