Understanding the UK’s position in the global motor industry

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The exceptional success achieved by the British motor industry is very well known. Many of these successes have been earned thanks to effective recruitment to fill all kinds of motor industry jobs. Figures released during January 2017 give every indication that the sustained growth will continue into the future.

At present the United Kingdom is the 13th largest car manufacturer in the world. This is when the measurement used concentrates purely on the volume of vehicles produced per nation.

When one looks at our position from a global trade perspective the results are quite different. We export a significantly higher proportion of the vehicles we produce than other nations. When the measurement used is the value of exports the UK ranks 9th in the world. The latest available figures show that the value of vehicles exported from the UK exceeded £25bn, whilst parts shipped were to a value just below £4.5bn.

In real terms the figures put us ahead of key competitor nations in the motor industry, in particular India and France. A crucial aspect in achieving this has been the rapid growth of demand for UK manufactured vehicles and parts in different territories.

Whilst mainland Europe still accounts for about half of all UK motor industry exports, expansion in other markets has been impressive. Exports to Saudi Arabia and South Korea, for example, have grown by over 300% in a little less than a decade.

We would, first and foremost, like to congratulate all involved in the industry. This is a magnificent achievement, and has only been made possible through dedication and hard work.

At the heart of the success has been a reliance on making better informed, long term appointments of staff to key positions. Our complete and comprehensive recruitment services for motor industry jobs have been the main driver for achieving this in the UK. We are proud of what we have helped achieve so far, and look forward to contributing to many more years of success.