Understanding the many roles required of a service manager

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When answering a call or welcoming a client to business premises, a popular phrase to use is “how may we be of service?”. It is an expression that is quite wonderful in its simplicity, for it, in quick and simple terms, lets your customer know that you are there to deliver what they want.

In order to be able to deliver on this, however, businesses must first ask a slightly reworded version of the question of themselves. This is to say that a business needs to understand the ways in which it can indeed serve in order that they may better deliver their services.

In respect of our work in recruiting candidates to fill motor trade jobs, it is usual that this question is both asked of and answered by the service manager. With high levels of competition seemingly forever increasing in the sector, it falls to each business in the sector to find the means of being the most attractive to customers whilst remaining profitable. To achieve this, service managers are appointed.

One of the important points highlighted above is often overlooked. That point is ensuring services are delivered in a profitable way. Quite often people assume that the role of a service manager is focused exclusively on making sure an outstanding customer experience occurs. This is inaccurate, as there are conditions and constraints in place. Service managers are required to manage customer expectations as much as they are needed to meet them, for the role does not – and cannot – be carried out with a limitless amount of time or money.

Whilst the role of a service manager traditionally suits a more extroverted, “people person” type of individual, a number of management skills are required for them to be successful. The dynamics of our approach to automotive recruitment services means that we are able to identify candidates for service manager roles who meet all expectations and requirements.

We understand the value a service manager brings to a business, and we know how to identify the right person for this job within your business. This makes us well qualified to help clients to recruit the right people to take on the role. If you have any questions or would like our assistance please contact us.