Understanding factors for success in the British automotive industry

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The UK motor industry continues to go from strength to strength, with recently released figures showing that month-on-month growth has now been sustained for three and a half years. The performance seems to exceed even the most optimistic of expectations, and has seen Britain reclaim its reputation as a global leader in automotive excellence.

New car sales are certainly a significant factor in this success, with August alone showing an impressive 10% increase in new car registrations. It is not, however, only the high value market for the production and sale of new cars which has seen the sector grow so strong. The increase in demand for commercial vehicles and “alternatively fuelled” cars has also been a significant contributor.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the UK market is seemingly going against the global tide. Whereas in the rest of the world there are reports of the sale and manufacture of commercial vehicles either holding steady or declining, in Britain the figures show a growth of close to 20%. In a broad sense, these are very promising figures as they indicate growth across the UK economy as a whole. In terms of the motor trade specifically, however, this achievement is highly reassuring as it shows that the whole industry is not just being carried by one aspect of the business.

Cars which are classified as “alternatively fuelled”, which is to say that they are not powered by petrol or diesel alone, have increased by over 50%. This is one of the strongest indicators available that shows the success in the automotive industry is sustainable. As businesses from all industries are looking to move away from a dependence on fossil fuels, the automotive sector is clearly at the forefront of embracing alternative energies.

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