Understanding consumer priorities is vital for success

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At John Gibson Associates we are always on the lookout for the latest news regarding our sector. This helps us to provide the very best services when it comes to motor trade recruitment.

YouGov, one of the most recognizable names in the world for reliable market research, has recently carried out a study on trends being followed by consumers in the UK motor trade. The conclusions reached are both interesting and of exceptional value to the entire industry. Taking note of the findings will be crucial in ensuring that the success of the sector is sustained.

One of the most interesting conclusions of the research carried out was that consumers place a higher emphasis on value rather than price. People who bought a car within the last year were far more concerned with ensuring that they were getting value for money in terms of the car chosen rather than simply looking for the lowest possible price.

There are very important differences between the two. Car dealerships must appreciate this difference and ensure they meet expectations in terms of their own costing strategies.

Another important finding to highlight is that an increasing number of car buyers are utilising online services as part of a purchase, but do not necessarily wish to complete an entire transaction via this method.

By this it is meant that consumers see web services as a means of enhancing the car buying experience and an ideal way to simplify the process. The overwhelming majority of car buyers still, as you might well expect to be the case, wish to see and test drive a vehicle before completing a purchase.

The most direct beneficiaries of the insights provided are, of course, the car dealerships operating across the UK. It is, however, important that we adopt this information as part of our understanding and knowledge of what the industry requires.

Our name for service excellence in motor trade recruitment is based on our ability to always meet what businesses in the sector need with regards to successful, long term staff appointments. By understanding the motivations and preferences of consumers in the market we are able to identify candidates capable of delivering on expectations.