UK car production reaches a seven year high

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As it stands, the automotive industry seems to be undergoing a renaissance, showing that it remains a titan in the British economy. More good news is coming that continues to position British car manufacturing in an excellent light. Figures from June highlight that car manufacturing has reached its best first half of a year since 2008, and the figures are certainly impressive.

There was a 5.4% increase in car manufacturing in June, a figure boosted by higher exports during the month. Overall, this makes for a total of 143,759 vehicles, up from 136,419 vehicles in June 2014. On a yearly basis, the figure is currently 793,642, compared with 791,314 last year. This indicates that 2015 could be shaping up to be an extremely impressive year. Exports rose 9% from last year with a figure of 115,408, and automotive manufacturers have increased their output to meet demand from overseas customers.

Billions of pounds worth of investment are helping to drive up manufacturing figures. As more schemes are rolled out, including drives to boost education and apprenticeships as well as efforts to expand manufacturing, we are bound to see these figures increase even further. It is forecast that the UK will manufacture more than 2 million cars a year by 2017, higher than the 1.92 million record for manufacturing in 1972.

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