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25 years ago John Gibson knew that huge flaws were present in the automotive recruitment trade. He could see that vital elements were being overlooked and there was a substantial lacking in every area when it came to locating and securing suitable candidates for the motor industry. There was an established method of candidates being sent to job interviews and meetings with employers when they had been subjected to zero vetting. The entire process was devoid of efficiency and care and the result would be the recommendation of unsuitable candidates that had not even had their CVs authenticated along with their personal history and credentials. John Gibson Associates was formed with the specific intention of breaking this cycle and establishing a superior method of recruitment and we have been successfully providing only the highest standard of candidates to contribute to the 21st vehicle trade for a quarter of a century.

Over many years we have evolved into an established and proficient organisation that focuses completely on matching the right person with the right role. Unbelievably, this principle was never maintained before we began and the random methods implemented by the agencies was ensuring the motor trade was missing out on the right individuals. We are now in possession of an extensive database that contains the very best motor industry candidates and we enjoy professional relationships with some of the most innovative, successful and challenging UK players. We value our relationships with our customers and every step is taken to ensure delivery of superlative services to a trade that demands them.

When a client begins working with us we are adamant about arming ourselves with as much knowledge as we can. If you require our assistance with automotive recruitment we visit your working environment so we can assess your exact needs regarding employees. We make it our priority to gain insight into the specific demands of your business so we can locate the perfect person that will bring maximum benefit to you and your organisation. The people that really want to work for you are the ones we will find. We will never place someone with you unless we are 100% sure they are a perfect fit. Life can however be unpredictable and if changes occur within six months we will gladly seek out a replacement employee for you.

The UK automotive jobs industry is a highly competitive market and we excel in finding employees that represent the superior calibre of your business and will successfully compliment it in every way.