Toyota’s newest AI investment

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Toyota has invested an incredible $1 billion to create a research company in Silicon Valley with the aim to develop cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. This follows the $50 million of funding they have already provided for research at Stanford and MIT Universities. The new move will see them take their efforts in the fields to the next level.

The new project will originally be based at a facility near Stanford University in Silicon Valley, a fantastic location for a cutting edge technological company. They will employ 200 people on the site, creating many new motor industry jobs. The facility is expected to open in January 2016 with research projects expected to be up and running quickly. If successful, the plan is to establish a second site near MIT in Cambridge.

The investment in two cutting edge fields may come as a surprise to some but it is an easy step for Toyota considering they already make extensive use of robotics in their manufacturing processes. Autonomous cars are a growth market and are receiving a lot of attention from other manufacturers and large technology companies like Apple and Google. The investment could see Toyota take a lead over their competitors.

Toyota also stress that they will be looking at artificial intelligence and robotics outside of the automotive sector, investigating how it can meet the needs of consumers in a wide range of situations. For example, they are currently researching how they can support older people in their homes using this new technology, aiding mobility and day to day living.

The announcement shows just how many amazing technologically focused motor industry jobs there are. People looking for a role where they can be involved with the development of cutting edge technology and research can find great careers in the sector, and we are here to help them locate their ideal roles.