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It was recently announced that Toyota Motors has kept the title as the world’s most valuable vehicle brand of 2015, even though recent air bag recalls had dented their worth by 2% to $28.9 billion. According to the latest studies, manufacturer BMW came in a close second and also remained in the same position, with Mercedes-Benz third.

The study was named the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands and was conducted by Millward Brown. Peter Walshe, the director of the company, told press that when you see the trust that the Toyota brand generates from customers, it’s easy to see why the recall had such little effect. Their great value, customer experience and high quality keep the brand on top. Toyota has been number one for eight of the ten years the study has been running.

Honda were the only top 10 brand to have its value drop other than Toyota as they also suffered from recall issues, resulting in a 5% loss to $13.3 billion. These two auto-makers are among a number of others that had to recall air bags, mostly in the U.S, as they were found to erupt with force, which could potentially cause further damage in an accident.

The fastest rising brand was Audi, which overtook Volkswagen for the 7th spot on the list. The brand increased in value by 43% to $10.1 billion and when this is compared to 2014, it’s a considerable and impressive amount. Audi’s success has much to do with their reputation for excellent communication, technology and safety, which are all very attractive qualities for customers.

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