There are so many benefits to selecting the correct candidates

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Good motor trade recruitment provides benefits beyond the fact that you get the right person for the job. With the correct hire you can enrich a large part of your workforce and boost overall production. You can also get a much better retention rate, enhancing stability.

It is even more important to recruit well to avoid the issues associates with a bad hire. When you hire the wrong person you can see all kinds of problems including conflicts, higher training costs, and even poor conduct. When this happens many businesses are faced with needing to invest more good money to cover the bad expenses already associated with the appointment.

In order to stand the best chance of recruiting the right people, regardless of the sector or industry you are involved in, you must understand exactly what you need. This will require you to take a good look at the business, current levels of demand and performance, and future forecasts. You can therefore predict where you need additional people.

Once you understand this you need to look at the job description for every single role. The best descriptions are a comprehensive overview of the tasks and responsibilities that will be associated with the jobs. These should be listed in order of priority so that the people who read them know which are the most important and where the main focus of their efforts will need to be.

Following the creation of the job descriptions it is easier to list candidate requirements. The focus here should be on which factors are the most important for the position, be it education, skills, experience, or other competencies. On top of these looking at the personality of applicants is vital too. You want someone who will fit with your culture and uphold the philosophies.

At John Gibson Associates we have a fantastic reputation for finding the right candidates for roles. We excel at motor trade recruitment as it has been our sole focus for over thirty years. This makes us one of the oldest and most experienced specialists. The kind of expertise we have cannot be replicated.

We can help clients with every aspect of motor trade recruitment, including creating job descriptions and responsibilities.