There are a huge number of different jobs in the automotive industry

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) showcases just how broad the number of different automotive jobs people can take up is. Earlier in May the company was looking for up to two hundred new employees in a wide array of roles. Rapid growth has driven this recruitment drive and created the opportunities for so many people to take on new careers.

The roles that were available covered a huge array of hands-on specialities, from senior exploratory engineers to paint repair sprayer operators. There were plenty of other non-engineering positions too including a classic product specialist with experience of parts and a patent attorney.

One of the most interesting roles on offer was UK Technical Academy manager. JLR operates its own National Sales Centre (NSC), providing high quality training and investing in talent. The curriculum is delivered to a high standard to ensure that the people who go though the centre are the highest quality. In order to achieve that, the operation needs the best staff.

As you can see JLR offers a very wide selection of different career paths. Many other businesses in the automotive sector do similar, providing a huge array of jobs to choose from. People with all kinds of disciplines in mind should be looking at the industry to see what kind of positions are available.

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If you are interested in seeing just how diverse automotive jobs can be you can take a look at the vacancies that are available on our website. We update it regularly and cover the whole of the UK. Any questions can be addressed to us directly.