The value of calling candidates

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When you are recruiting, whether it is for motor trade jobs, or positions in any other sector, there will come a time when you need to contact candidates directly. You need to take care when you do this, ensuring you conduct conversations properly and don’t lose them. It is easier than you think to do that, particularly when it comes to positions where there is so much competition.

Calling prospective candidates continues to offer a huge amount of value. It can provide almost instant results, capturing the interest of the candidate and getting them excited about working for you. From this first conversation you can tell how interested they are and even start to make a decision on whether they will be a good fit.

When you do contact a candidate you need to ensure you do the right things and avoid easy mistakes. That way you stand the best chance of successfully recruiting them.

The first thing to keep in mind is you need to follow the conversation through from start to finish. If it simply tails off it makes you seem unprepared and the reputation of your business may suffer as a result.

Even though you are contacting candidates with the aim to potentially offering them a job opportunity you need to keep in mind that you will still be cold calling them. As a result you need to ensure you get the timing right, choosing to call when they are most likely to be available. You should also be flexible and re-arrange if you catch them at a bad time.

When you do speak to a candidate it is important to establish the rapport first. This will help them to relax and give you the information you need. Remember you don’t want to waste a great deal of time though.

Selling the role and your business to candidates is important, even if you are already an established brand. By doing this you can get them even more interested and stand out from any competitors that may also been seeking to recruit. Focus on what makes the role good and the rewards it offers.

Staying connected is a final important tip. The first call may tell you a lot but it is unlikely to be your only one. If all goes well you’ll be calling to arrange interviews and find out even more in the future. Remember to keep in contact, even if it is just a quick update. The last thing you want is the best candidates to cool their interest because you don’t stay in touch.

At John Gibson we have spend many years recruiting for motor trade jobs. As a result we know how important it is to contact candidates effectively. We are happy to help businesses and will deliver the best possible value we can.