The updated Delorean will fit perfectly into the future

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You don’t have to be a committed car enthusiast to know that the Delorean is the iconic car that took Marty McFly to the past and back to the future again. The car was used as the time machine in Steven Spielberg’s classic 1985 movie and as a result had a lasting cultural impact, despite its short lifespan.

The Delorean spent only two years in production but during that time it achieved immense cult status and inspired Doc Brown’s fictional time travelling vessel. Now, more than thirty years after the release of Back to the Future, Texas based manufacturer the Delorean Company has announced plans to produce replicas of the much-loved vehicle.

The Delorean Motor Company bought the leftover parts from the Belfast based factory in 1997 and the original intention was to restore the few thousand models that were still in existence. However, a recent government initiative has enabled the manufacturer to produce new models more than three decades later.

Originally, there were only 9,000 Deloreans made before the company declared bankruptcy in 1983. After its inclusion in the 80’s blockbuster it was immediately transformed into a collector’s item. The newly formed Delorean Company has no connection to John Delorean, the American engineer that created the car but it is in possession of 99% of the 2,800 parts that the car comprises. The rest are produced with the use of the original drawings.

The company states it has the parts to produce 300 new vehicles and despite facing some challenges production is expected to begin in 2017. The original vehicle had 130 horsepower but the new model will be equipped with a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and powerful engine.

The company has spent a great deal of time identifying the right supplier for the reproduction of parts and engines for the production of the new cars. The updated Delorean will feature bigger brakes and wheels as well as easily find its new place in the 21st century with advanced interiors and features such as heated seats, navigation systems and Bluetooth.

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