The UK supplies cars with a strong brand heritage

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The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently released figures revealing that exports of cars to China have increased seven-fold in the last six years. In 2014, a total of 137,410 UK constructed cars were exported which shows an increase of over 14.5% in one year. Only the UK purchased more British built cars than China last year and the exports were greater than the number of vehicles shipped to Brazil, India and Russia combined. The substantial growth in the wider Asian market has resulted in the number of exported UK built cars trebling in recent years. Asia is now the UK automotive industry’s largest export market after Europe.

In the last 12 months, the automotive industry has represented a greater share of total UK exports than ever before. It has accounted for more than 11% of revenue which is valued at over £26 billion. The UK shipped 1,195,190 cars to over 100 countries globally last year which marks a 54.7% increase since 2009. The improvement in the last six years is testament to not only the incredible recovery of the sector, but also its continuing growth and success, ensuring that there are more exciting automotive jobs out there than ever before.

The economic growth in a number of Asian markets has inevitably seen an increased demand for luxury and high quality vehicles. The accelerated desire for premier cars has put the UK in the perfect position to succeed in an emerging market. The UK has a long history of producing premier vehicles, and the influx of industry investment in brands such as Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce ensures that over half of UK vehicles on offer are from high end manufacturers.

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