The UK plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry, particularly in terms of research and development

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The automotive industry is one of the fastest moving in the world, especially as manufacturers continue to look for new ways to improve efficiency, performance and comfort. The UK plays an important part in the sector as it is home to some of the most cutting edge research and development centres. Many high profile companies have facilities conducting research and testing here including Ford, BMW and Nissan.

Amongst the biggest developments in the automotive industry in recent years has been the rise in electric technologies. A great deal of effort has gone into the design and manufacture of hybrid and electric vehicles as companies look for a sustainable alternative to the use of fossil fuels. Consumers can see the improvements in technology that have been made by the fact that more and more manufacturers are introducing vehicles with these new power systems.

One UK based company in particular has found a great deal of success in the field. Johnson Matthey Battery Systems (formerly known as Axeon) is the leading provider of lithium-ion batteries and charging systems in Europe. They work primarily in the automotive sector but also offer solutions for mobile technologies and power tools. Their UK based operations are focused on delivering safe, effective, high voltage automotive grade batteries for vehicle manufacturers around the world. Producing over 70 million cells a year they sit right at the forefront of both production and development.

The reason the UK is such an attractive place to base research facilities is the easy access to a highly trained labour force. The well established infrastructure is also a bonus because it helps reduce set up costs and gives producers easy access to distribution networks.

As R&D continues more jobs are created that help to stimulate the economy. There are a number of opportunities to start a new, exciting career in the automotive development sector. If you’re interested in motor trade jobs or involved with a business and require help with automotive recruitment, we can provide all the help you need to locate the perfect position or the ideal candidates.