The UK motor industry achieves further record results

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Over the course of the last decade it feels as though every year has seen more records broken and new, higher standards set in the automotive industry. 2015 is no exception. As well as the announcement that there have been record turnover figures for 2014, it looks like the number of cars manufactured in the UK this year will exceed the 2 million mark. This success could be due to many reasons, with one being the focus on more considered and informed employment processes. We were the first to introduce this approach, and we continue to be the leading name for providing the best in recruitment for motor industry jobs.

The significance of the automotive industry to the UK economy can be seen in the turnover figures. As mentioned, 2014 has proved to be yet another record year, with total reported turnover reaching £69.5billion. This doesn’t only show how much revenue is generated by the sector, but it also represents how important the industry is as an employer on a national scale. A very large part of that turnover figure stems from the demand around the world for high quality manufacturing and craftsmanship – factors very closely associated with the British workforce. We focus on securing the services of the best of the British workforce, and many of the leading names in the automotive industry trust us to do so.

The growth of the British motor industry could also be down to investment in better equipment and the focus on more efficient manufacturing processes. You may be familiar with the expression that a tool is only as good as the person using it. We understand that the latest and greatest equipment, as well as the most carefully plotted and planned processes, are only going to be as successful as the people involved with them. Our candidate screening and personality testing ensure that only the most suitable candidates are presented to companies.

Those seeking the best people for motor industry jobs know that we would only ever put them forward for positions they are likely to succeed in. We also help candidates to learn and understand where their strongest areas of success are within the industry. The continued success of the British motor industry is dependent on high standards of performance being not just maintained, but also expanded. We are committed to achieving this through our tested and proven approach to automotive recruitment.