The UK has a thriving motor industry

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The UK is home to countless companies involved in the motor industry, ranging from manufacturers to service providers and research and development departments. There is also a long history of motorsport here, covering everything from Superbikes to Formula 1. This makes the job market in the sector both large and fast paced. With the surge in new car purchases over recent years there are also more and more openings being made available at many different levels, meaning there are good opportunities for people in search of motor trade jobs.

One of the biggest news stories recently that is set to boost the number of motor trade jobs in the UK came from Pendragon in August. The UK’s largest dealer group is aiming to build forty new outlets in the next three years to deal with the increases in demand for new cars and a thriving used car market. The move is set to create a number of motor trade jobs, both at sales and administrative levels.

Pendragon has the financial resources to support their plans, especially when you take into account the huge jump they have seen in profits in recent years. Conditions in the used car market in the UK have revealed great benefits and seen group profits before tax almost double in the first six months of 2014. There has also been big demand for new registration plates.

With the current market seeing a huge number of job vacancies and companies looking to expand it is important that recruiters play their part in marketing the jobs. There is a great deal of competition to find the best talent and fill roles with the right people. Recruiters need to be able to customise their services to suit companies and meet the needs of job searchers at the same time.

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