The UK has a strong infrastructure for the motor trade

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The UK has given rise to some of the most cutting edge vehicular technology over the years. As the industry has modernised and grown more and more sophisticated businesses have continued to push forward. The after-sales market has followed a similar trend, diversifying and growing over time too. The end result is the creation of more motor trade jobs in different areas.

One thing the UK has become renowned for over the years is logistics. The location is crucial for many manufacturers because it provides access to great resources and a number of markets. As a result the infrastructure has expanded and improved substantially, allowing more efficient transportation of vehicles.

Motor Trade Delivery (MTD) had one of the most interesting business models in the logistics industry. In 2013 they created a platform where dealers and rental companies could list vehicles that needed to be moved. Logistics providers could then bid on the jobs. The system allowed large companies and independent traders to compete.

In just a handful of years MTD had grown to the point where it was involved in the transportation of 3,000 vehicles every single week. They had built a strong customer base and invested in cutting edge technology to drive their innovative service.

The success of the platform drove Auto Trader to acquire the company in April 2017. The acquisition will offer further growth potential, particularly with the scale and industry knowledge the car dealer possesses. It also shows the value that useful digital technology can provide.

As you can see technology can support and stimulate the creation of a wide array of motor trade jobs. People involved with working with the new technologies need to be highly trained to provide the best value to employers. These businesses need to invest in finding and training these people.

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