The three entry levels into the automotive industry

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The motor industry is one of the largest sectors in the UK and employs a huge number of staff. The industry hires people in countless different disciplines, from design to retail, meaning it attracts people from a wide range of different areas. Jobs in the sector are in high demand because every role could potentially lead to a fantastic career.

Typically, people can start a career in the motor trade in one of three ways. The first of these is at graduate level. A degree in design, development or engineering can open up many opportunities for graduates. Companies are always on the lookout for new talent and many of them offer graduate schemes targeted at young people who are leaving university and looking for their first jobs. There are said to be around 20,000 graduates engineers alone working in the industry.

The second way to get into the industry is direct entry at technical level or an equivalent. People can typically take these jobs earlier, usually at around 18 as opposed to graduate age. This is the most common entry point for people involved in the retail side of things or marketing where a degree is not necessarily needed.

The third option is craft level and it usually sees people take up jobs at 16 when they are straight out of school. This point of entry is favoured by mechanics, fitters and other technical roles where people need to learn as they build experience. A number of large companies offer apprenticeships because they give them the chance to invest in talent and younger employees can learn from more experienced ones.

The demand for talented staff at various levels puts a great deal of pressure on companies. They need to ensure they get their hiring policies right or they could encounter issues further down the line. Motor trade recruitment can be challenging at all three entry levels, as well as recruiting experienced people. One way to reduce the pressure is to work with a talented recruiter with specialist knowledge of the sector. This gives the company access to dedicated people who can help them to plan their strategy and find the right candidates.

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