The SMMT reports 2016 was a record year for the UK motor trade

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In a number of previous articles we have mentioned how strong the motor trade currently is in the UK. The 2017 UK Automotive Sustainability Report from the SMMT supports this. The headline figure from the study is that 2016 was a record year for the industry thanks to a turnover of £77.5 billion.

The report shows that manufacturing recorded a seventh consecutive year of growth. This shows that demand for quality products made in the UK remains very high. In addition there were big improvements in productivity, vehicle sales, and production output.

As part of the record year car and commercial vehicle production was up by a huge 8.6%. New vehicle registration volumes showed marginal growth of 0.2% but still set a new benchmark high.

The growth in the industry has had a positive impact on motor trade jobs. Employment remains steady, sitting at 169,000. At the same time the number of vehicles produced per capita reached a new high of 11.8.

The results are fantastic and showcase how much investments have paid off. Over the last few years businesses have been investing in everything from new products to research and development and employee skills. This has driven innovation and pushed the whole industry forward.

The SMMT were buoyed by the figures but also took the time to mention that clarity on the political front is needed to allow the sector to continue to thrive. This would allow more businesses to plan for the future with confidence and could encourage further investment.

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