The skilled workforce in the UK is very attractive to employers

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Although many would not speak of golf buggies in the same manner as they would cars, vans, or other road-going vehicles, they do have many similarities. For one they rely on the same highly skilled people to design and manufacture them. Additionally they are also starting to benefit from autonomous technology, albeit in a smaller capacity.

The above thought is inspired by the news that Argentinean company Baro Vehicles have decided to set up a workshop at the MIRA Technology Park in Higham on the Hill, Leicestershire. They chose the UK and this specific location to gain access to a skilled workforce, a strong infrastructure, and the quality materials they need to create the vehicles.

The MIRA Technology Park is an 850 acre site home to 35 world-class companies and their talented employees. It is one of the most impressive combinations of businesses and skills in the whole of the UK. A great deal of research and development takes place on the site, making it incredibly attractive for businesses.

Baro Vehicles hopes to continue development on the site and have their first vehicle ready for sale in 2017. A lot of work is going into the autonomous technology, meaning the vehicles can be programmed with the maps for golf courses, university campuses, and even sites like business parks. The software would safe navigation in each of these settings. By 2020 they want the vehicles to be completely autonomous.

If all goes to plan, Baro Vehicles will create around 50 new positions, including in engineering and administrative roles. Although slightly different there will be many similarities with motor industry jobs, including overlaps with many of the skills that will be required.

The fact Baro Vehicles has chosen the UK for its base shows how attractive it remains and the value of the skills on offer here. There is more space available at MIRA Technology Park, with a £300 million site with enterprise status offering the potential to create 2,000 more roles, including many motor industry jobs.

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