The scale of the automotive supply chain is incredible

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When people look at vehicles they generally see the manufacturer’s badge and only consider them. For example you wouldn’t see a Ferrari and instantly wonder who made the leather for the seats. Interestingly though a surprising number of components used in vehicles are made by dedicated specialists and delivered to manufacturers prior to assembling the final vehicle.

If you consider how many parts actually go into vehicles and the sheer number that manufacturers buy rather than make themselves you can understand why the automotive supply chain is so large. In fact it is thought that over 78,000 jobs in the UK are dependent on British-based manufacturers such as Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover. On top of this there are companies exporting parts all around the world, meaning there are even more jobs linked to the wider industry.

The UK has become well established as a leader when it comes to vehicular components as well as finished vehicles. The former showcases the skills of the workforce and the cutting edge development taking place. Many manufacturers gain their position because they can create something that nobody else can.

The current performance of the automotive industry in the UK creates a positive outlook for the future. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) believe that component manufacturers could be facing an opportunity to benefit from £6 billion of investment. Huge sums have already been invested and growth continues to be very positive.

It is believed if current trends continue more jobs could be created all across the supply chain. This would include a variety of engineering positions at different levels.

Thousands of positions are thought to already be available, especially in areas where there is a shortage of skills. As a result there is pressure on automotive recruitment. This would increase further if the growth continues and companies find themselves needing to increase staff numbers.

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