The rise in new car sales is helping to create jobs

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The new car market has flourished in recent years with July 2014 marking a 6.6% rise in year on year sales and the 29th month of consecutive growth. The year-end forecast is predicting that the market will be the biggest it has been for a decade. The trend is set to continue into September with the launch of the new 64 registration plate. After this experts are estimating a period of stabilisation.

There are several factors driving the new car market including the number of new models that are being released, numerous financing packages and the development of more energy efficient cars. Good trade in values also mean that people can upgrade and make great savings. Low interest rates and a strong used car market also push people towards purchasing a new vehicle. Rather than saving and earning tiny interest people can invest in a vehicle, enjoy it for a while and then sell it for a great price.

The main factor buyers are looking for is the fuel efficiency of vehicles, especially with the high price of fuel. New vehicles that offer better miles per gallon are the most sought after. The improvements in electric cars are also driving people to make the change.

As the new car market grows there is another major benefit for the economy in that there are a higher number of sales and support jobs and other motor trade jobs on offer. Larger dealerships like Lookers are hiring the services of specialist consultants to help them boost their recruitment and attract the best talent.

At John Gibson Associates we have seen a big rise in the number of motor trade jobs that have been made available in the last year. There is great variety available encompassing everything from managerial roles to sales. If you’re looking for a new challenge or a career opportunity the motor sector has many options to choose from. Not many sectors are as fast paced or exciting, particularly when you take into account the push to develop new technologies.