The recruitment sector is showing sustained growth

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The recruitment sector is showing fantastic growth according to figures obtained in a recent survey by Deloitte. The UK Recruitment Index 2014 provides an insight into the performance of recruiters over the last year and is based on feedback obtained from more than 150 different specialists involved in the sector. The evidence shows strong performance and more optimism about future growth. The most revealing figure is that 69% of the firms surveyed reported an increase in net fee income. On top of this 30% of recruiters based solely in the UK were planning to expand to new markets overseas, taking the opportunity to seek new opportunities.

With the positive conditions in the sector recruiters are faced with higher levels of competition to ensure they are the one that wins the right to advertise for companies. When it comes to recruitment for motor industry jobs, we are one of the most well respected companies around and have gained the opportunity to advertise and recruit for a number of highly prestigious companies. We have  established a reputation for helping clients to find the right calibre of candidates.

Communication is one of the most important things that clients look for when choosing what recruiter to use. Businesses want to work with someone who will listen to their needs, apply knowledge of the market and offer the right experience. We maintain a constant stream of communication with their clients, whether it is delivering a full report or simply keeping them informed of how many applicants they have received to date.

Another thing that businesses look for as a sign of whether a recruiter is good to work with is how they deal with candidates and the amount of information they gather. We take the time to learn as much as they can about applicants and always deal with them in the most professional manner possible. Recruiters need to remember that the people they find jobs for today could be the clients they are recruiting for in the future so building a great relationship is important.

With the recruitment sector in a great position companies can take the time to evaluate their goals and choose new strategies on how to achieve them. Automotive recruitment is one of the biggest growth markets in the world as companies continue to seek new ideas and examine different technologies. It really is an exciting time for us to help companies fill their motor industry jobs with the best new employees.