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Ginetta Cars have today unveiled the perfect Christmas gift for all eager racing drivers, after launching their 2013 Starter Packages – designed to offer petrol heads everything they need to go racing; from the initial test day to receiving their racing licence.

After recognising that many would-be drivers miss out on fulfilling their racing ambitions due to both lack of time and understanding of the processes required to obtain a national racing licence, Ginetta are offering everything needed to get started in racing, for just £2,000.

Committed to making motorsport more accessible, this unique starter package sees Ginetta do all the hard work on drivers' behalf; arranging everything from the initial Ginetta G40 experience day, to passing the ARDS test and receiving their first race kit.

Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of Ginetta Cars said; "Ginetta are keen to support anyone wanting to take their first steps into the world of motorsport, whether that's as a teenager or adult. Recently, we have noticed many people fail to go racing because of the myths associated with actually getting on the grid.

Going forwards, Ginetta will provide a full 'hand-held' approach to ensure drivers receive the right amount of help and support at every stage of the process, from the first time they step into a race car, to their first time out on the grid – and with four incredible racing packages on offer for 2013, we hope to dispel the fears over both financial and time commitments needed to go racing. "

Held over two days, Ginetta firstly invite drivers to a test day at a recognised circuit close to their home, during which drivers experience the thrill of a race car across three, 20 minute sessions, with one-on-one tuition from an instructor.

Following the test day, drivers will receive their MSA starter pack which includes all the important licence application forms plus a DVD which explains the full application process and information on the theory and the practical test.

The second of the two days will see Ginetta guide candidates through all three aspects of their ARDS test which consists of three parts; driving, medical and theory. Ginetta will have a doctor on-site to conduct the medical, whilst the driving and theory are relatively simple to pass.

Once the ARDS test has been passed, Ginetta will complete all necessary documentation and submit a licence application to the MSA on drivers' behalf, before two short weeks later, drivers National 'B' racing licence will arrive in the post.

Completing the racing driver transformation, Ginetta will then supply all applicants with an official Ginetta race suit, helmet, boots and gloves.

Given the popularity of motor racing as a spectator sport and the rise of the supercar 'driving experiences', Ginetta believe the lack of knowledge on where to begin racing leads to the depletion of able-racers finally making their way onto the grid, but with the introduction of these innovative Starter Packages, Ginetta hope to give people the tools they need to go racing.

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For more information contact Ginetta PR Ruth Harrison on 0113 385 4165 / [email protected]