The new technology of driverless vehicles

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The motor industry is always introducing new features and new types of cars, but there is one new kind of car which is unlike any we have ever seen before. Driverless cars have been a hot topic in the news lately, with the government making plans to alter the Highway Code to allow them on UK roads this year.

However, according to the Institute of the Motor Industry, the professional association giving a voice to people in the automotive industry, has expressed the opinion that the UK is not yet ready for driverless vehicles to be out on the road.

Instead, they believe there should be more time and effort put into training individuals in the industry so they can understand and further this technology, and so that workers can gain a better understanding about servicing and repairing driverless vehicles.

The idea of driverless vehicles highlights how much the automotive industry is evolving and changing as technology moves forward constantly. Businesses are constantly investing in development and research, meaning that there is always a demand for new employees. With so many technological advancements, it is clear that there will continue to be a wealth of exciting motor industry jobs providing interesting opportunities for those who are interested in the technological side of vehicle manufacturing.

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