The motor industry is one of the leading providers of apprenticeships in the UK

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Research and development is vital to the motor industry as companies seek to find the newest technologies and ideas to gain an edge over competitors. As well as technology there is also a huge push to find the most talented people, whether it is designers, engineers or support service personnel. To help them find these people many manufacturers offer apprenticeship schemes where they can nurture talent and invest in the next generation of employees.

There are a large number of apprenticing opportunities in the motor industry, ranging from engineering roles to administration and sales. Each role will differ depending on the employer and the area you are interested in. Some will be broad whereas others will be very specialised and give you a great deal of training in a specific area. With every option you learn great skills, build your experience and obtain qualifications.

Apprenticeships are great from an employer’s perspective because they can invest in talent and train people for roles that will need filling in the future. This is much more cost effective than hiring somebody in and also means you get the chance to let people share their skills and experiences. Taking someone on as an apprentice first before they become a full time employee gives you a great chance to get to know their skills and character.

The easiest way to find motor industry jobs is to browse the websites of specialist recruiters. The sector is so specialised that it attracts people with certain skill sets and interests. Many companies advertise solely on websites for their sector to ensure they get applications from the right calibre of people. They may be less inclined to using large multi-sector sites because this leaves them with a harder task of sifting out the best applicants.

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