The motor industry has the most complex supply chains

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Car makers arguably have the most complex global supply chains, both in terms of up and downstream. A single brand can have plants in numerous countries, source parts from even more, and then sell finished vehicles in all corners of the globe. This is more international than any other business in any industry is likely to have to contend with.

BMW is a fantastic example. The German car maker has close to 30 production facilities in 14 countries around the world, including Germany, the UK, the USA, India, and even South Africa. Construction on a new plant in Mexico began in 2016; it is set to begin production in 2019.

Production and assembly occurs at each of these plants but that is not the full extent of the supply chain. On top of this BMW receives parts from over 100 auto parts suppliers spread around the world. This number extends to the thousands when looking at all of the components that are needed to produce a finished vehicle.

These numbers may seem large but remember this is only the part of the supply chain involved in producing vehicles. On top of this there is a global network of businesses fulfilling other roles, from sales to logistics. Wherever the vehicles are sold there will be operations along these lines.

Although protectionism is currently a hot topic in the motor industry it is unlikely that the global nature of it will change. Car makers will always want to source the best parts for the right prices after-all.

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