The Midlands is renowned as a centre for automotive production

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is planning a huge surge in production in the UK that could result in the creation of a huge number of new jobs. The luxury car maker is planning to introduce 12 new vehicles and invest £3 billion in its facilities all around the world over the next twelve months. Of this, £400 million will be spent to expand the Castle Bromwich factory, equipping it to handle the new higher volume of vehicles and new models. Land around the existing facility has already been purchased so a new body shop can be built on the site.

A further £150 million will be paid to improve the research and development centre at Whitley, just outside of Coventry. This site is focused on developing engineering and design solutions for the next generation of vehicles and automotive technology. It currently covers 55 acres but the new vehicles will see its sized doubled to 110 acres.

The production line at the engine plant in Wolverhampton has started up again with the first batches of diesel engines set to be ready imminently. Petrol engines will follow suit in about 12 month’s time, leading to a massive boost in manufacturing. This alone is expected to create more jobs and take the total number of employees at the factory to around 1,500.

JLR has been a huge supporter of the British automotive industry for many years. Over the last five alone it has recruited staff to fill 18,000 new positions. The new investment will bring further recruitment and create even more new jobs for the Midlands.

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