The MIA’s first ever Jobs Fair

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The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) will hold its inaugural Motorsport and Automotive Jobs Fair on 9th March. The event is designed to help employers from the sector to meet graduates, students and representatives from universities across the country so they can gauge the talent on offer and build relationships. There has been concern recently that businesses will need to recruit from overseas to get the skills they need. The Jobs Fair will help them to look closer to home.

The motorsport and automotive sectors in the UK are vast and have enjoyed fantastic performance over recent years, but there is intense competition for talent because it is so vital for the future of the industry. The growth has also created opportunities for expansion, creating more roles for people interested in a career in a cutting edge sector. In fact the MIA recently conducted a survey and found that 95% of the employers who responded had between 1 and 5 vacancies currently available.

The Jobs Fair will give employers a valuable opportunity to work closely with the universities who are responsible for training people to enter the industry. This could provide a wide range of benefits, including giving them the chance to enquire about the curriculum and even offer insights into changes that could be made that would be beneficial to the students.

The Jobs Fair will be a great stage for employers. They will be able to advertise automotive jobs directly to their target market, ensuring they reach the right people. It will also give them a chance to improve their brand awareness with booths to demonstrate their products and the potential to give talks and presentations.

The event will be held at Silverstone, possibly the most fitting venue when the focus is on motorsport and the automotive industry. The Fair is free of charge and is open to job seekers aged 16 and over looking at learning more about the sector and taking an apprenticeship, a work placement, full or part time employment. You can pre-register on the MIA website.