The latest data is good reading for automotive jobs

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The number of automotive jobs advertised online enjoyed big growth in July, August and September 2016. According to the latest data from CV Library vacancies saw a year on year increase of an astonishing 24.1%. This vastly outpaced the national average of 8.1% and placed the industry in the top 5 in terms of job growth.

The vacancies showcase two important things. Firstly they show that the performance of the sector continues to be very good and there is demand for new staff. Secondly it can reveal a lot about the current skills shortage. Traditionally there is a slowdown in job creation in Q3 but the rise in demand in the period indicates companies may still be struggling to recruit.

A shortage of skills is further pointed at by the number of applications received for vacancies in the same period. CV Library reports they were up by 12.4% in the same period, somewhat behind the number of roles.

The gap between vacancies and applicants reveals the challenge that businesses face in terms of recruitment to fill automotive jobs. Hard work is needed to access the talent pool effectively and attract not just candidates but also the right calibre of them. Roles need to be advertised in the right places and recruiting strategies should account for the challenges in the market.

One thing businesses can do to increase applicants and gain access to a fantastic pool of talented people seeking automotive jobs is work with agencies like us. This can offer big advantages and wonderful value.

At John Gibson Associates we stand out because we already have a database with information about applicants. We check this whenever a client has a role to fill, giving them quick access to suitable candidates. The fact we have already vetted them means we speed up the process and improve quality.

We have a huge amount of experience to call on and have built a strong reputation in the automotive field for our recruiting prowess. If you have any questions simply contact a member of our team to discuss them. We operate across the UK thanks to our dedicated franchisees.